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Sat. Mar 2nd 2019
142 Engine Responded to Structure Fire on Industry Road Assisting Elizabeth Township Fire Department. Other Departments on Scene: Central Volunteer Fire Company of Elizabeth Township, Glassport Fire ...

Welcome to the Official Website of  The Blaine Hill Volunteer Fire Department.  The Blaine Hill Volunteer Fire Department has been responsible for providing fire and rescue services to the Township of Elizabeth since 1932. We are located in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, 25 miles southeast of Downtown Pittsburgh with a current population of over 13,000 residents. Our Township is made up of approximately 22 square miles of commercial, residential, and rural areas. Our Company consists of over 50 trained, dedicated, and hardworking individuals answering approximately 300 calls for help annually. Our department provides first due coverage to the Blaine Hill section of Elizabeth Township, as well as automatic aid to our 3 sister stations: Elizabeth Township Fire Department, Central VFC, and Buena Vista VFC; mutual aid to the neighboring Boroughs of Elizabeth, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Liberty, and to  Forward Township. We currently operate out of 1 station consisting of 1 engine,  1 75' quint aerial ladder, 1 QRS, 1 Brush Truck, and 2 squads. We are 100% volunteer and are always looking for new members. We would like to thank our members for all of their hard work, the Township of Elizabeth for their continued support, and the residents for their generous donations. Please stop back soon and stay safe!

Recent Calls